SF&Co. 2022

Presented by TIMI ALUKO Speak to parents about their children's future at your college over cocktails. Sixth Form & Cocktails (SF&Co.) 2022 is a social approach to Education Networking. Unlike the traditional fair that is focused on foundations and universities, SF&Co. is a one-on-one sixth-form school fair. SF&Co. is planned and organized by TAEC Limited, an agency that provides education support for prospects looking for admission into a sixth-form school in Europe, the US, Canada, and other notable Asian locations. SF&Co. 2022 provides a close, amiable, and more social environment where participating six schools from different regions actively and directly target at least 100 Nigerian parents per location. Our prospective parents are interested in sixth form schools only. The event is specifically designed to meet the needs of the students wishing to study at a sixth-form school and their families to gather the valuable information required to make solid decisions for their future. The event emphasizes high-quality students as well as education agencies, prospective students, and parents who meet academic and financial requirements for IB, A-levels, B-Tech, and OSSD programs. SF&Co. is the smartest education fair in Nigeria. This event draws top-tier students and working professionals. The number of schools we may allow at each fair is limited so that you can compete for talent without being overwhelmed. We have set limits on the number of exhibitors we can accept from specific nations to maintain a balance of countries at our events. This allows parents and students to focus on their area of interest rather than becoming confused by the enormous number of exhibitors.


Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt are the major market hubs for all sectors therefore, it houses some of the biggest international schools in Nigeria. With over 200 International schools, there is a huge market of over 8000 prospects. SF&Co. offers niche targeting, our approach to streamlining these markets to directly target sixth-form prospects

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  • Virtual Student fairs
  • Meetings with Agents, Students & Parents,
  • Meeting with Education Consultants and private high schools representatives
  • Lagos+ Abuja+ Port Harcourt Participation Participation of up to 2 Delegates
  • We arrange local travel
  • Database of Student and Parent Attendees Visa Services Support Letter
  • Cocktails & Refreshments.


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